Before Treatment

This fiberglass reinforced polyester sculpture by John Duff had multiple large tears and could not stand up on its own.

The fiberglass was torn in many places, leaving opaque white areas of damage. 



The geometry of the sculpture required a complex system of clamps and spreaders to properly align the damaged areas. 


The damage in the narrow areas created weak points, preventing the sculpture from standing on its own. 

After Treatment

After treatment, the damage is no longer visible and the sculpture can stand on its own once again. It measures 77 inches tall. 

The damaged areas were impregnated with an optical grade epoxy with a similar refractive index to polyester. This means that the repair is invisible and the translucency is restored.

The tears were repaired with the same optical grade epoxy, and the correct alignment was restored. 


All weak points were reinfocred with optical grade epoxy, adding strength to the sculpture. 



Melanie Brussat

Brussat Sculpture Conservation, LLC

Jackson Heights, NY